President’s Message – January 2022

by Bob Duthaler

Hail and Farewell

We began 2022 with the Annual Board of Trustees Reorganization Meeting and the election of officers with the following results:

Bob Duthaler- President, Doug Seidel- Vice President, Stephanie Gibbons- Corresponding Secretary, Anthony Pagliuco- Recording Secretary, and Linda Besink- Treasurer.

Standing Committees and Chairs are: Bob Duthaler- Executive, Linda Besink- Finance, Geoffrey Belinfante -External Relations, and Lee Beckerman- Production.

We have re-established the following Ad Hoc Committees and Chairs: Membership- Stephanie Gibbons, Legislative- Dave Garb, Leadership Development – Doug Seidel, Conference- Bob Duthaler & Geoffrey Belinfante, and JAG Awards- George Fairfield.

In addition to gaining three new Board of Trustee Members – Rick Gearhart, Doug Seidel and Bob Nicholson – we say goodbye to three others.  I would like to recognize departing board member Dave Ambrosy.  Dave played a significant role in the success of JAG throughout his years of leadership on the board and through his commitment to the success and fun with our annual conference.  We thank him for his work as a trustee and wish him well.  He will be missed.  We also thank Jeff Arban for his years of service on the board.  Jeff brought to the board his extensive engineering knowledge of our industry, production insight and, more importantly, he would also challenge the board to do and be better.  Jeff and his ability to keep us grounded will be missed amongst the board.  Finally, I would like to thank Darryl Love for his time he served on the JAG Board.  Darryl fought hard on the board to bring in new types of members and reach underserved communities.  In addition, Darryl’s extensive professional broadcast experience expanded the way we approached productions and was an insightful voice for those looking to learn.  He was also a good friend to me personally.  I wish to thank him for his time on the board and the changes he brought forth.

I have identified several goals for 2022 that I presented to the executive board at the reorganization meeting.  JAG needs to increase our member benefits.  Some ways we will approach this is through vital communication efforts like the one you are reading now, our newsletter.  In addition, we will continue to hold Station Managers round table discussions and webinars throughout the year.  We are in the process of planning an in-person trade show, JAG Awards Banquet and virtual conference sessions.  The hybrid Eastern Video Expo and Conference will be this year’s “must attend” event.  Save the date of May 24-26 and look for updated information on the conference website, in February.  JAG will continue to have guest speakers or vendor presentations at all its meetings to keep providing more value to your JAG membership.  JAG will continue to explore new membership classifications and fees and develop a new marketing plan for the organization.  Our production committee is working on a training video series – look for that in the second half of 2022.  The Legislative committee will continue to keep you informed and updated on the many legislative battles both nationally and on a state level.  I urge you to follow the progress on the Cable Preservation Act, FCC orders and Broadband to name a few.  Also be on the lookout for when the Legislative Committee calls upon all JAG members to act.  I look forward to a great year and thank the trustees for their support in electing me to lead this great organization once again… this is not something I take lightly.  .