President’s Message: January 2023 – New Year, New Board Members and More

by Bob Duthaler

We are a couple of weeks into the new year of 2023 and it has already been a busy one for JAG, myself and, if I am guessing correctly, for you as well.  You know what they say, “No rest for the weary”.  But I think for all those involved in our industry, we thrive on this fast-paced environment and the lack of sleep as well!

We held our general elections in December 2022, and the JAG Board of Trustees held their reorganization meeting in January 2023. Here are the results of the board’s elections:

            Chair/President of JAG:  Bob Duthaler

            Vice-Chair:  Doug Seidel

            Treasurer:  Linda Besink

            Recording Secretary:  Anthony Pagliuco

            Corresponding Secretary:  Stephanie Gibbons

            Trustees:  George Fairfield, Dave Garb, Rick Gearhart, and Don Smith

During the JAG Board of Trustee’s Re-organization meeting the trustees did the following:

  • Reviewed Trustee Policies and Procedures for meetings and annual calendar
    • Reviewed Trustee Policies and Procedures for JAG Officers and Committees
    • Discussed Trustee Policies and Procedures for JAG Direction for 2023
    • Reviewed Finances, Funding and Budget for 2023.  In addition, the BOT voted to approve the 2023 budget as presented by the Finance Committee and sent it to Executive Board for approval.
    • Reviewed staffing for JAG, job evaluations and goals for 2023
    • Reviewed Policies and Procedures, and the structure for handling complaints
    • Set the tone for 2023 and will meet again in August during the Annual Board Retreat.

Following the adjournment of the JAG Board of Trustee’s Meeting, JAG’s Executive Board met.  Members are listed below:

            Bob Duthaler – President (Chair of Conference Committee)

            Doug Seidel – VP (Chair of Leadership Development Committee)

            Linda Besink – Treasurer (Chair of Finance Committee)

            Anthony Pagliuco – Recording Secretary (VC of Production)

            Stephanie Gibbons – Corresponding Secretary (Chair of Membership)

            Geoffrey Belinfante – Chair, External Relations

            Lee Beckerman – Chair, Production Committee

            Dave Garb – Chair, Legislative Committee

            Don Smith, Co-Chair of Conference Committee

            Rick Gearhart – Conference Committee Member

            George Fairfield, Chair of JAG Awards

During the Executive Board Meeting the following items were discussed:

  • Recruitment of new committee members from the general membership – getting new people involved with JAG
  • Updates from the following committees:  Legislative, Membership, Leadership Development, Conference and JAG Awards.
  • Executive Committee discussed the following:
    • General Meeting Dates for 2023
    • Manager’s Round Table Topics: First one is to be Thursday, February 9th @ 2pm
    • Future Webinars – no dates set yet
    • Commitment of Committees to contribute articles for newsletter
  • Finance Committee
    • Update on JAG 2022 Filing
    • 2023 billing underway
    • Reviewed 2022 Finances, Budget and Spending (All Under Budget!!)
    • Reviewed 2023 Proposed Budget
  • Production Committee
    • Discussed JAG Marketing Videos
    • Discussed JAG YouTube Account and JAG Streaming Channel
    • Discussed Future Projects – Training Videos
  • External Relations Committee
    • Reviewed JAG Website and Membership Only Area
    • Reviewed Vendor Presentations at upcoming meetings
    • Discussed the NJLM Conference Review and Planning for 2023
    • Discussed Newsletter
  • The Executive Board reviewed, voted on and approved the 2023 budget and sent it for First Reading at the January 25th General Membership Meeting.

I want to thank everyone for their time and commitment to the JAG Board of Trustees and JAG Executive Board.  I am aware of the time and commitment involved in your duties, between board meetings, general membership meetings and the multiple committees that most of you are all on as well.  This does not go unnoticed by me or the general membership as well.  For anyone who is interested in being part of the many JAG Committees, please reach out to me and I will help you get more involved: I would like to send thanks again to Dave Ambrosy who after 40 years in this industry retired at the end of 2022.  Dave leaves East Brunswick after serving as its station manager.  In addition, Dave was a JAG Trustee and Executive Board Member, serving on both the Production and Conference Committees.  Dave took on handling entertainment for the conference and even played with his band during one of JAG’s event.  The board and I wish him a happy and healthy retirement and thank him for his dedication to JAG