President’s Message: July 2023 – HELP…. I Need Someone

by Bob Duthaler

There are times when running a station, you will find you may need additional support and information.  How do you get that information?  Who is available to give you that added help?  With JAG as a resource, you will find there are many places you can get the information and help you need.

Information:  Tell me how to get it!  The first and easiest way is on the JAG website.  There is a source of information and resources available on the site.  The website contains everything from access to past newsletters with pertinent information, articles and posts, conference information, videos from league presentations, members only section and much more.  This resource should always be your first stop with looking for information.

What if you can’t find what you are looking for on the JAG website?  Where can you turn to next?  Look no further then you email inbox.  As a JAG member you have access to a very powerful tool, the JAG Email List Serve.  It’s a place where you can ask questions of both JAG members and vendors alike.  You get the advantage of multiple responses from multiple resources.  Plus, you get the benefit of asking others who may have already experienced what you are seeking to find out about.

Another powerful resource:  For JAG members is our organizational members.  These are vendors who have already committed themselves to working with JAG and our membership by being part of the organization.  You should always consider them as a valued tool.  These are both companies and people who understand the unique nature of what we do, the budget constraints we are up against and the need for updated technology.  Whether looking to update your current equipment, add new technology or just plan for down the road, avail yourself of their expertise. 

What if I need just a little more?  That is a question many people have asked and where did they turn to?  A consultant.  First, I must reveal that professionally, I am a consultant.  With over 35 years of experience in the television industry, my knowledge, and the knowledge of others like me, become a valuable tool for stations just starting out, wanting to make the next move or just need additional support to help them operate.  Paying to “pick the brain” of a consultant, one who is qualified to analyze your unique needs, plan a course of action, and help you achieve your goals is another tool in the toolbox.  Consultants can help in technology, management and financially through franchise negotiations.

I know many station managers in JAG have reached out to each other to share a very important asset, crew.  So many of us in this industry might be operating a station part-time, as a volunteer or even a full-time staff, but also do freelance work on the side.  In addition, you may have camera operators and editors that freelance as well.  JAG understands the importance of these resources and to that extent has made a special section in the JAG website that allows freelancers to share their information and experience and make it available for JAG members to reach out to them to hire them for additional production support.  You never know when you might need an additional camera operator, editor, or all-around production support.  When you do, look no further than your JAG members.My goal in this article is to help you realize that your membership in JAG is an extremely valuable tool to help you achieve a higher level of quality of operation, content and understanding of the industry.  Most of this is easily accessible from your computer, web browser or email.  But you need to know that in most cases you need to reach out and make the first move to ask for help and commit yourself to the next level of paid support.  Whichever path you choose, the goal is the same: to help you move forward in your knowledge and operation of your station.