President’s Message: November 2022 – Your Odds Are Better With JAG

by Bob Duthaler

With the Powerball jackpot reaching almost 2 billion dollars, what a change to your life winning that money would make.  I read somewhere that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning 249 times before winning the lottery.  That is crazy!  Realistically, you are better off taking the money you would spend on buying lottery tickets over the years and investing it.  You would see a better return on your money over the years.  Still, like me, most of us will still buy tickets for the big jackpot.

How about winning the big jackpot with your job, videos, and overall quality of your station?  Is there a special lottery for that?  It’s not a lottery, it’s JAG!  Just by being a member of JAG you are already starting on the winning side.  The valuable information the organization provides its members is priceless.  The information the Jersey Access Group makes available to member stations, independent producers or non-profit organizations is geared to help these member groups operate more effectively.

Unlike the lottery, by being a member of JAG, the odds are in your favor that you get all the information needed to run a station, produce quality programs, or make your content available on different platforms. Organizations have many different avenues of learning at their disposal through a membership with JAG.  From the special “members only” section  on the organization’s website,  to the special members only email list serve, shared programming server and much more.  Each of these are designed to make the member’s experience welcoming and a powerful resource. 

To steal a line from American Express, “Membership Has Its Privileges”, can apply to being part of JAG.  Apart from the benefits I previously mentioned, it’s the interaction between the members that might be its most valuable trait.  This is possible through the monthly meetings (which are beginning to take place in person and online), conferences, awards banquet, webinars, and manager’s round table discussions. You even have the option to reach out to the JAG Executive Board and ask that they come onsite to your location to visit your operation or even speak to your mayor, council, or board.  JAG even created the ability for members to interact with leading manufacturers, PEG equipment & service providers, along with leading industry professionals. It is the personal touch that the organization provides that separates JAG from others and makes it so valuable for its members. One of the biggest strengths of the Jersey Access group is the availability for members to participate in the organization.  Each member has the ability to take part and serve on numerous committees that help steer the organization.  Members can also run for a position on the executive board.  The more effort members take to be active in the organization the more rewards they reap from JAG.  This increases your odds at being better at your job, producing quality content and running a more efficient station…and you do not have to be struck by lightning.