President’s Message: October 2022 – You + 1 Committee = JAG Member

by Bob Duthaler

A math problem? It’s not a math problem, but rather an organizational
problem. But just like a math problem, it has a solution. So, let’s break
down the problem and together we will reach the solution.

An insight to what the problem is for JAG is not unlike any other organization’s
problems. JAG does many great things. This organization provides many avenues of
information for its membership. Everything from monthly meetings, managers round
table discussions, webinars, conferences, and awards shows. These are the things
that we do well and which separate us from other organizations.

So then, what is the problem? As with any successful organization, at some point
members start to slowly withdraw from participating in committees and even in
regular meetings. They are under the impression that the organization is providing
everything they need, is running smoothly and falsely feel their participation is not
needed. That is a big problem for any organization and is currently one for JAG.
So how is that a problem when JAG is doing everything we need already? Let’s break
it down (still no math, I promise). As members start to slowly withdraw from
participation it creates a void. This void is felt by the board and committees that
regularly meet to support the organization. As current board and committee
members retire, relocate, or take a break after many years of service, without other
members stepping up to fill their spots, the void continues to grow. If this void grows
too great, then the organization starts to stagnate and lose touch with members and
their needs.

Finally, we reach the easy part, the solution. So, what is the solution you ask
(metaphorically – and I am glad you asked)? It’s simple – YOU. Yes, you. You are the
answer to our potential problem. Confused? Let me clarify. By YOU actively
participating in meetings and more importantly joining in a committee, you fill in the
void, which in turn helps the organization grow stronger. You add a new voice to the
committee and their discussions. New voices equal new thoughts which equal
different ideas which equal a growing organization (that started to feel like math, but
technically it’s not). I leave you with this challenge. Review the list of committees
below, reach out to the committee chair and tell them you want to be part of that
committee. Every JAG member should be on a committee!

You + 1 Committee = A Perfect JAG Member = Complete and Healthy Organization