RUSHWORKS: Three major Product Updates

by Rush Beesley, President, RUSHWORKS

Throughout last year RUSHWORKS has focused on significant enhancements in features and functions for its VDESK Integrated PTZ/PTZ Production System.  The VDESK Version 7 software development was driven by the need for a ‘powerfully simple’ interface designed for use by a single operator.

Using the PRODUCER interface, you can cover all the proceedings in any environment with just two cameras and unlimited presets.  Select a dais background and drag pictures of the participants into their respective places, and just touch any picture to automatically frame and TAKE the shot – with an automated lower-third if you wish.

Comprehensive integration of NDI includes the ability to select any NDI source on the network as a video input and/or two NDI DSK inputs (downstream keyers).

The text creation and editing functions were consolidated into a CG creation tool within the application.  A Video Preview window displays in real-time the text and graphics elements you add, with simple arrow keys from positioning text over lower-third graphics.  You can even save the composite as a PNG file for selection and display in the File Browser and in Playlists.

We’ve added sequential, automated playback capability for any Playlist, as well as our AUTO-LOOP folder playback ported into VDESK from our A-LIST BROADCAST and A-LIST Streamster automation systems.  This provides a fast and easy way to play unattended content for as long as the function is active.

Just drag files or folders into the AUTO-LOOP folder from anywhere with a network connection.  Subfolders can be assigned for use by unique groups or departments such as fire, police and city council, and you can select either linear or random playback of the AUTO-LOOP folder content.  This functionality lets you use your VDESK as a channel playback device when it’s not involved in a multi-camera production with simultaneous recording and streaming.

VDESK Version 7 has also added Layout Templates for single, dual and wide-screen monitors.  With the ability to move, resize and place the application windows anywhere on the desktop and save as many Layouts as you wish, you can customize the way you work while others may create and save their own interface preferences.

Configuring VDESK for Zoom, Teams or other remote meeting solutions is easy, and we’ll be happy to provide you with any information you need to optimize your remote integration.

PTX Model 3 PRO pan/tilt head

RUSHWORKS also completed the final design and manufacturing of its third generation pan/tilt head, the PTX Model 3 PRO.  With a payload of 14 pounds, it can handle most any combination of cameras and lenses, including all the models from Blackmagic as well as those from Sony, Canon, Red, Arri and more.  At 35 pounds its a solid foundation for your camera investments, with whisper-quiet operation that’s necessary for houses of worship and performance venues.  It can be controlled from any device or platform that uses VISCA over IP as the communications protocol.

A-LIST Streamster and Streamster PRO Automation Systems

Finally, we’ve crafted a simple and inexpensive solution that lets you store and schedule content for streaming, with an option to simultaneously output to a cable or TV channel.  The A-LIST Streamster is a network appliance that’s about seven inches square, a hardware/software solution that’s the ‘slimmed down’ version of our A-LIST BROADCAST Automation System that’s used by networks, full and low-power TV stations and PEG channels, both domestic and global.

If you’re not streaming at all, or maybe have one camera and a laptop streaming to YouTube, the A-LIST Streamster – or its SDI output configuration, Streamster PRO – this powerful mini-server is your portal not only to your citizens but can also be a global channel visible to anyone, anywhere on computers and portable devices.  Utilizing a one-to-many service such as you can output a single stream and have it distributed for view on virtually every device, anywhere in the world. That’s certainly a lot more effective than just a cable channel connection.

You can schedule events by time of day, or just fill blocks of time using the AUTO-LOOP folder, the same function we’ve now introduced into our VDESK Version 7 software.  You can also create MultiZone layouts with background music, using both scheduled and filler content as desired.

And if you just have a single camera covering your meetings, connect the output to the Streamster and TAKE it as an AV source manually, or schedule it to pass through as your streaming and cable channel source.  If you’re using multiple cameras, just connect the output of your switcher to the Streamster and pass that ‘live’ signal the same way.  The Streamster PRO also has an SDI/HDMI output so you can simultaneously stream and send your output to the cable station through a traditional modulator.

When it comes to content distribution, technology is making things easier, less expensive, and far more impactful at every level.  There is no reason not to adopt a simple platform and increase your viewership exponentially.

Significantly, the A-LIST Streamster can be a valuable marketing tool for nonprofit groups that are producing monthly content.  Here is a screenshot provided by Doug Seidel at PCTV in Piscataway who is exploring how the Streamster could be an asset to JAG’s marketing strategies.  You can see how simple and clean the interface is to work with.  Just drag content, including clips, graphics and lower-thirds from the File Browser into the playlist … or click the AUTO-LOOP button to play continually looping content from folders and sub-folders.

Please join us via remote connection at the JAG meeting on April 27 where we’ll provide an overview of our new features and functions.  For an up-close, hands-on experience with our products be sure to attend the Eastern Video Expo Trade Show on May 25th at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ.  Register now at