TelVue: Workflow, Captioning, Apps, Monetization and More

by Jesse Lerman, President/CEO, TelVue

Broadcasting in an increasingly connected world means your community channels and programming need to be accessible and available everywhere – on cable, streaming, over-the-top, mobile apps, and social media.  Modern broadcast systems have evolved to make all of this easier to manage and automate, from instant publishing to automatically adding multi-language closed captions to live and on-demand programming.  Captioning your programming delivers even more value to your diverse communities, and also makes your government meetings fully searchable.  Reaching more viewers on new platforms opens up opportunities for revenue generation – including sponsorship, membership, pay-per-view, pay-per-download, and subscription models.

TelVue’s various products/software

TelVue is excited to share with JAG our latest innovations including:

  • new monetization tools for streaming, mobile, and OTT
  • new publishing workflow automation features
  • our next generation live captioning engine for enhanced accuracy
  • an updated line of affordable playout servers
  • the brand new HyperCaster 8.0 release.

HyperCaster 8.0 is now available with a major operating system upgrade to Ubuntu Linux 20.04 for high security and performance.  In addition to its already-built-in firewall, HyperCaster 8.0 takes security to the next level.  In an increasingly connected world, security should be top of mind for all Community Media stations.  HyperCaster 8.0 also supports powerful, time-saving Content Workflow Rules to fully automate publishing for VOD, JAG program sharing, and archiving. With Content Workflow Rules:

  • Easily configure which of your HyperCaster Series and Categories automatically Publish, Share, and Archive.  When programs are recorded or content is added to matching Series or Category, workflow rules trigger to automate file uploads and metadata tagging.
  • Automatically Publish to your website and your very own iOS & Android mobile apps, and Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV OTT apps with CloudCast.
  • Automatically Share to the JAG sharing server.
  • Automatically Archive to networked storage and

The new Content Workflow Rules feature expands on the existing rules-based automation in HyperCaster that also includes:

  • Scheduling Rules – fully automate scheduling episodic programs, live events, records, and replays.
  •  Overlay Rules – fully automate graphic overlays for channel branding, program announcements, info tickers, sponsorship, and more.
  • Captioning Rules – fully automate which live events and pre-recorded programs are automatically captioned with TelVue SmartCaption™, no additional hardware required.

HyperCaster v8 will soon be adding new Streaming Workflow Rules for automating what live programming gets streamed where and when.  TelVue has also launched a new line-up of All-in-One playout servers, our HyperCaster AIO+ line.  The AIO+ offers more channels and IP output expansion per box, for greater flexibility and affordability.

We hope to see you at the February JAG meeting where we will be demonstrating the HyperCaster 8.0, the AIO+, and our new streaming monetization tools for revenue generation.  We’ll review all of the newest features across our products and share our roadmap.  We look forward to hearing from you how we can continue to make modern broadcasting even easier, and help you increase accessibility, expand your audience, and generate new sources of revenue. Join Jesse Lerman, President/CEO,TelVue for a presentation at JAG’s general meeting on February 23, 2022.