DeSisti Presentation – The Most Versatile Lighting Technology Yet

by Paul A. Distefano, Regional Sales Manager, DeSisti Lighting

What if, today, you need to interview a town official in their office?   What if that official’s office is in a century old building with dark wood panels and incandescent lighting?  What if that official’s office is in a 1970’s era cookie cutter building with overhead fluorescent tubes in the range of 4000K?  What if it is a modern building with LED lighting which is nice and efficient, but not necessarily the highest color rendering because it was chosen to achieve a specific light level and a camera recording in there was not even an afterthought?  What if any of these scenarios is further complicated by large windows and window dressing insufficient to control this ambient light….. even if you are lucky and the windows are oriented north/south instead of east/west?  What if later that day, you need to cover a musical performance at a school, the library, the senior center, or some other venue that has similarly flat, ugly, low CRI, lighting?  Wouldn’t a splash of color on the wall or reflecting off the performer’s guitar make the image more appealing, interesting, or just prettier?  What if you also need to provide lighting for a still photographer in the room as well?  What if there was a single line of lighting fixtures that could allow you to creatively light under all these varied scenarios, and more, allowing you to record the highest quality images with your camera, whether it is a pro quality 3-chip or your cell phone?  Why, it would be the Zelig of lighting fixtures!  Well, it exists….. and it is called the Variable White + Color technology provided by DeSisti!  By the way, when the technology was first presented to us in its early development stage a couple of years ago, I made the same “Zelig” reference and my heart sunk when my clever reference was met by blank stares from my much younger colleagues on the Skype call.  I’m banking on the average age of my friends here at JAG being old enough to get it, though. 

Officially rolling out this month, the VW+C technology is now available in a range of several Fresnels and Softlights.  By taking advantage of our tried-and-true variable white technology and adding to it, phosphor-based color emitters in red, green, blue and amber, we give our users infinite possibilities in one single fixture with the high quality of light that DeSisti is known for.  As the name implies, we have added color to the variable white LEDs that are featured in our standard variable white product.  We do not “mix” to white.  Our fixtures consistently outperform our competitors with higher CRI, higher output CCT whites and consistent color, from fixture to fixture, throughout the life of the LEDs.

The Variable White + Color range offer nine different modes of operation, controlled locally or with as little as 8-channels of DMX.  These modes include:

  • RGBAWW – red, green, blue, amber, warm white/2700K, cool white/6500K
  • HSI – hue, saturation and intensity
  • XY Coordinates – Plot coordinates on the CIE1931 color space graph, which is extremely accurate utilizing 6 colors as opposed to just RGB, as many of our competitors do
  • Variable White – This mode utilizes just the white chips for CCT whites from 2700K to 6500K with color correction, +/- green and the ability to add cyan and amber
  • Variable White + Color – Color hues added to white sources
  • ULTRA CRI – this mode extends the range of CCT whites all the way from 1800K to 12000K and maintains a CRI of 94+ throughout the entire range for enhanced image quality from your camera
  • GELs – Presets of Lee and ROSCO gels applied to your choice of CCT whites
  • FX – choose from many preset effects
  • Sources – choose from a variety of presets to approximate moonlight to several other natural and artificial light sources

DeSisti continues to offer all our products in single color Daylight, Tungsten and Variable White.  The Variable White + Color range is available in our 60W 4.7”, 120W 6”, 160W 7”, and 180W 10” Fresnel and our 180W SoftLED2XL, 180W SoftLED4, 360W SoftLED8, 400W SoftLED8XL, and the 180W GIOTTO LED4 Cyc light.  While not in the same range because of a different 6-color array (Red/Green/Blue/Lime/Cyan/Amber) Our 35W Piccoletto Color and Piccoletto Color FLEX, with variable optics and both DMX and Bluetooth control, is also available.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again on Oct 27th and demonstrating our latest technology to you at this month’s JAG meeting.  I have the F7VW+C, SoftLED8VW+C and the Piccoletto Color FLEX here to show you.  For more information on DeSisti Lighting, please visit our web site,  For any of you who are still wondering what the heck that Zelig reference meant in the first paragraph, please visit