Vendor Presentation: Upgrade to a Modern Broadcast Facility:Simplifying Production with New Tools

By Yervant Keshishian, Sales Engineer & Technical Director, Varto Technologies

Modern broadcast facilities don’t quite look like they used to, and that’s okay! As we look to upgrade and future proof there are several innovative solutions and workflows available that can drastically improve productivity and give us new opportunities to create high quality content.

Today I will dive into a few of these solutions, but I look forward to our presentation on September 29th where we will virtually demonstrate these concepts and more in our new IP-based REMI control room & studio in East Rutherford!

Everything over IP, Integrated seamlessly

NDI & Dante Used for full IP workflow
(Array of Hope, Integrated by Varto Technologies)

Everything over IP, Integrated seamlessly
With protocols like NDI for video & Dante for audio we can leverage your existing or new IT networks to easily integrate solutions from hundreds of different manufacturers. This integration can create new workflows that are just not possible with traditional analog or digital cabling. IP moves us past uni-directional XLR or SDI to a world where every source is available anywhere in your facility. Think of this as your own ‘audio & video internet’.

At its core, NDI moves video, audio, and data across any network; global, wireless, mobile or local, between cameras, mobile devices, production equipment or desktop machines and is the most used standard to move content in the world. NDI has constantly pushed the boundaries of video production over IP and now, with WAN and audio capabilities never seen before, NDI 5 offers unprecedented integration and power to move video, audio and metadata between devices anywhere around the world.

Hardware devices with NDI baked in can range from simple HDMI to NDI Converters from NewTek to high quality PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras from major brands like Panasonic, Sony & Canon that can send video and receive control data over a single ethernet cable.

X32 Compact w/ Dante Expansion – Supports 64 Channels of Dante 32in/32out (Varto Technologies, East Rutherford, NJ)

Dante is the leading Audio-over-IP solution in the world, found in over 2000 products from more than 400 manufacturers. Dante replaces point-to-point analog and digital connections with a standard IP network that delivers completely lossless audio, massive channel counts and near infinite signal routing flexibility, all while being incredibly easy to deploy and use.
Audinate, the developer of Dante, has a line of AVIO Adapters that let you use your favorite legacy audio gear with any Dante-connected system, delivering the interoperability, performance, and scalability that only networking can bring. Also, major audio console brands like Allen & Heath, Behringer and Yamaha build digital mixers with integrated Dante cards that can support dozens of channels of Dante in and out.

“REMI” Production

Mobile REMI Production Cart (Includes TriCaster, LiveU, 8 Zoom PCs, Dante Audio Mixer, 48TB Network Storage Solution & More! (Varto Technologies, East Rutherford, NJ)

Remote production, or REMI (for Remote Integration Model), refers to the workflow of sending camera operators and minimal crew on-site to events and leveraging advanced technologies like IP bonding, 4G and 5G cellular, and HEVC compression to feed live camera and audio signals to a centralized control room. This central control room located in your facility replaces the need for an on-site production truck, hosts all your video switching, audio mixing, and is where your final transmission takes place.

This room can range from a fly pack to a full dedicated control room. Generally, this includes a video switcher, audio mixer, graphics system, record & playback system, intercom system, inbound & outbound transmission capabilities.

In today’s climate, with people unwilling or unable to leave their homes, a REMI production workflow makes sense. And it’s one that’s being heavily utilized by production companies and content creators throughout the country. REMI production helps production companies significantly reduce production costs and setup time, increase productivity & expand creative coverage surrounding events.

REMI production was on the rise before the pandemic, and COVID-19 has certainly expanded its use. But like video conferences and work-from-home, REMI will remain a dynamic trend in broadcast long after the pandemic wanes.

At Varto Technologies we are partnered with industry leading manufacturers who are developing cutting edge solutions that are changing our industry. These relationships, combined with our decades of experience, allow us to build modern, reliable & cost-effective integrations that are truly mind blowing. It’s one of those see-it-to-believe it situations… so join us virtually on September 29th to see our demo facility pictured above in action!