President’s Message: March 2023 – STOP NOW… REGISTER…DON’T WAIT!!

by Bob Duthaler

Time and time again you hear me preach the importance of JAG, our meetings, webinars, manager’s round tables and much more.  All these have an importance to the membership and the growth of the organization.  There is one item however, that stands out as perhaps the single most important event that JAG does, and that is our annual conference.  This year’s event is no exception. 

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JAG’s annual conference is designed to be of tremendous benefit to all our members.  Whether you are an independent producer, educational station, municipal station, non-profit organization or even an organizational member, this conference is for you.  This is truly an event in which the needs of all our members are taken care of in one day. 

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So, what makes this event a must attend?  Content, Content, Content….and so much more.  Content is King and our conference has it.  Start your day with select user groups sessions and a breakfast as well.  Get up to speed on the equipment you use or just want to learn more about.  Vendors are on hand to teach you about the latest updates, shortcuts, tricks and answer your questions.  Give your input and help shape future releases! 

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Spend the day attending the multiple sessions throughout the day designed to give you both information and hands on training.  We designed a series of specific topics of interest for our members, bringing updated versions of some of your favorites along with new sessions created to help keep you up to date on our industry.  Plus special legislative sessions that include updates on the national scene, a Keynote Lunch and your opportunity to network with other JAG members. 

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Meet with the Vendors who support JAG and see what they have to offer.  You will have a chance throughout the day to watch special presentations, one on one conversations and special vendor networking sessions carved out during the schedule.  This is your chance to see the latest equipment, get hands on time with it, see it in action and so much more.  It is also our chance as an organization to stop by the vendors who are there to support JAG and its members and just say Thank You!  Finish your vendor time with our special Vendor Cocktail Party.

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Make sure you come hungry because we have food throughout the day.  From morning breakfast during training sessions, Keynote Lunch, special snack breaks, and a cocktail hour followed by our annual banquet.  We are designing a variety of food to satisfy all your food desires.  Along with food you can enjoy drinks during our cocktail hour and banquet, along with coffee, tea, soda and much more throughout the day.  Plus, you never know what special treats will be offered as well. 

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There is no better way to end the day than to enjoy our annual banquet.  This is our chance to honor our group with a special gathering, highlight some members, eat and enjoy each other’s company.  It is also designed for our member stations to bring in special guests, staff and crew.  Even if your entire staff or crew can’t attend during the day, they can join you in the evening – special tickets are available just for the evenings event.  The JAG Awards is our time to honor all the great work our members do throughout the year.  You have done your best work throughout the year, now compare it to other stations.  Even if you don’t win, you can always pick up great ideas by watching what other stations do and emulate them in the upcoming years.

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I hope you stop what you are doing, click the link in this article if you haven’t already and join us for the must attend event of the year.  JAG’s Annual Conference, Thursday, May 18th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Edison, NJ.  I look forward to seeing each and every one of our members there and catching up with you in person. 

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Special Guests

Mike Lynch, Legislative Director, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors Mike Wassenaar, President/CEO, Alliance for Community Media